Mobile steam car wash: What does mobile steam car wash provide
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April 13, 2017
Steam wash: steam car wash at home. An innovative way
April 22, 2017

   Mobile steam car wash ? Car wash has known massive changes over time moving from car washing with water to mobile cleaning and washing cars with clean-up steam. But, what are exactly the advantages and inconveniences of each of these techniques whether   we are using the traditional washing or updated method which is mobile steam car wash?

   Car wash with traditional method: speed and waste

    You all know the traditional cleaning method which is splashing water over the car then using a detergent to get rid of dirt before thorough rinsing. This method is less popular now especially in an era which knows increasing environmental interests and it is in the heart of discussions.

    In France, car washing still represents 6% of the total average of potable water consumption rate. It reaches about 35 billion liters a year. In addition to that getting rid of waste-water in itself represents a real issue. That’s because using the traditional method in car washing in principle needs a prior contact between the car wash owner and the sewage plant. Thus, it is clearly understood

Why new cleaning alternatives are being introduced including steam car wash.

    Water-free washing method: effective but long-lasting

   Car washing without water makes use of soluble cleaning products generally based on polymer which makes car wash easier. It is very simple and practical which makes its effectiveness undeniable. Little polymer particles found in the cleaners is a trap for dirt. Consequently, it can be easily removed applying a soft towel on the tiny scratches found on the car surface without water.

However, car wash without water is not without disadvantages. First off all, dirt will accumulate on the piece of fabric that we use. So, it will need regular change. If the car is completely dirty, this cleaning method will be boring and needs extra time.

More than that, the car contains many areas which are actually hard to wash (wheels….etc). Finally, though this method is effective, steam car wash is the most adequate.

Steam car wash: time saving and efficiency

Steam car wash is giving the advantage of cleaning the car from the inside and the external car surface. By blowing dry steam (with an average of 170 degrees), steam wash can eradicate hard spots and odors of woven fabric inside the car.

Furthermore, it can be used on the car dashboard, wheels and tires. This allows Steam car wash to keep the car clean in a soft way to protect car sensitive areas. Meanwhile, this method provides a deep clean for the hardest areas.

In addition to that, Steam car wash has proved to be economic providing that you can save water consumption with a 90% rate if compared to pressure wash and the traditional method.

Washing time is reduced to ( 40% shorter). You can also save electricity knowing that the total expanse is 2to 3 times less then water- free washing.

Steam car wash can be used with highly sophisticated steam car washing equipments. So, it is providing a powerful alternative to traditional methods to achieve highly efficient car wash.

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