Service Bay

Self-service washing areas

Bubbles Bay self-service washing areas meet all customer’s needs, design and technology combine in a highly flexible and customisable product. By choosing a Bubbles Bay product, the customer is assured to have optimal results in caring for their car, a wide choice of programs and the possibility to use the Active Mousse, an exclusive patented system for removing the hardest dirt.

The steel structures offer guaranteed time reliability over time and are customisable with two types of outfittings:

  • ABS Top Line
  • Alluminium Cover

With the new ABS Top Line outfitting, Aquarama brings the range of Stargate Gantries to self-wahing track systems.

The rounded lines make the structure modern and aggressive, with a strong visual impact.

The Alluminium Cover outfitting gives to the system a clean and elegant design.

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