S2 FOAMY 100ML - 1000ML - 4.54L

S2 FOAMY 100ML - 1000ML
S2 FOAMY 100ML - 1000ML
S2 FOAMY 4.54L


SP1 PREWASH Icon AdditiveWithEnzymes
S2 FOAMY Icon CleaningStrength
SP1 PREWASH Icon CoatingSecurity
SP1 PREWASH Icon SurfaceSecurity
S2 FOAMY Icon PH7.00

S2 is the foam shampoo that contains the most sophisticated formula we have ever developed, the first active foam in the world for detailers for a deep cleansing with enzymes (patent n ° 14730984.3). S2 breaks down the most stubborn organic dirt and thanks to the enzymes that can act several times on the same molecule-substrate of dirt (for example a layer of earth), a reduced quantity of S2 guarantees a remarkable washing power and a really deep cleaning * allowing to extend the protective layers previously applied or still to be applied. Its unique neutral formula creates a foam that adheres to the bodywork for a long time, easily eliminating dirt and road contamination without damaging the coated surfaces. S2 guarantees safety on the delicate parts of the car being free of sodium hydroxide and also using surfactants of vegetable origin to reduce the “stress cracking” of plastic materials. The formulation is free of phosphorus, EDTA, NTA.

* Compared to the enzyme-free version.

FOR USE Dilute 20ml – 40ml of product for every 1 liter of water (1:25 – 1:50 – dilution can reach 1: 500 for frequent washing), wash with a high quality Fra-Ber glove and rinse thoroughly. We recommend using the two buckets method.
S2 used with foam lance : pre-diluted at 1:12 (1 part of product and 12 of water) for extraordinary cleaning or at 1: 25-1: 50 for frequent washing. S2 used as a pre-wash for a weekly dirt dilute from pure to 1:20 (50ml in 1lt of water).

Do not apply the product on hot surfaces and do not let it dry.

20 ml / machine.

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