Electric Steamer Optima XE General Info

Optima Steamer XE is an electrical-powered steam cleaner. It has a durable body design, an energy-efficient steam vessel, a selection of wet to dry steam, and a smart control system. So, it is easy to maintain. The machine is solely electric-powered to be suited for indoor cleaning and sanitization applications. It has applied to the cleaning for commercial facilities, the sanitization for animal holding facilities, the pre-treatment for painting or coating, and the fixed or mobile aid sanitization in a hospital. As the newest electric-powered steamer, Optima Steamer XE is newly designed with some better features than popular Optima Steamer EST. Its top cover is open enough to maintain easily. The machine includes a LCD display to show any current status of important parts including water and boiler. There is one button for emergency stop. Also, there is a big water tank for a user to use longer without additional water filling.

Electric Steamer Optima XE Overview


  • Powerful Performance

    Its high-efficiency heating system continues to provide sufficient and powerful steam during operation.

  • Smart Control System

    A Built-in chip of Artificial intelligence, operated by the internal CPU, monitors and controls the mechanical and electrical operation of the machine.

  • Multi-stage Safety Devices

    The safety devices alarm and control automatically in a low level of water and fuel, a pressure or temperature out of range, an abnormal flame detection and an overtime pump operation.

  • Easy Maintenance

    Designed by professional engineers in the heat exchanger and pressure vessel industry, the machine has an advanced structure to facilitate maintenance and durability.

  • Dry & Wet Steam

    It regulates the humidity of the steam with a moisture control valve to make pure dry steam to heavy humid steam gradually.

  • Convenience

    The automatic filling of water no longer requires supplying water manually.

  • Sanitizing without Chemicals

    The "superheated steam" produced by Optima Steamer sanitizes ,disinfects and eliminates hazardous food-borne bacteria.

  • Reduce your costs & Protect the Earth

    When you use it in your business, you do not need a governmental permission to use it thanks to its low water consumption and wastewater-free.

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