EDW - Electric Duct Washers

For foaming, brushing and rinsing ducts, pipes and chutes up to Ø500mm

EDW, Electric Duct Washer is an electric brushing device with integrated washing functions. Ideal for cleaning greased ducts in small- to medium sized industrial kitchens.

Due to it’s compact size and powerful electric motor, EDW can be operated in areas with very limited space for cleaning equipment, where the use of compressed air is not possible.

EDW can be used also for ventilation duct cleaning.

EDW is sutitable for spraying chemical solutions, foaming, brushing, rinsing and disinfecting ducts, pipes and chutes up to Ø315mm and length of 15m


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Can be operated by a single person
  • Can be operated in areas with limited space
  • Works with most high pressure washers
  • Adjustable stepless rotation speed
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Adjustable chemical dosage (Optional)
  • Wireless remote control of water and chemical supply start/stop (Optional)
  • Can be used also for air duct cleaning

Technical Data

Dimensions (LxWxH)

EDW-15: 700x460x700mm


EDW-15 (Al) 36kg, EDW-15 (SS) 49kg

Operating range

Ø100 – Ø315mm round ducts, up to 15m long


15 m

Water supply

Max. 90°C, 150 Bar

Electric supply

1-230VAC 50/60Hz / 6A fuse

Brushing directions

Clockwise and counter-clockwise

Brushing speed

Stepless 200-1100 rpm

Washing functions

Spray, Foam, Brush, Rinse, Disinfect

Accessories included in all devices

Set of spraying / Rinsing nozzles (3 pcs),Wireless remote controls, Toolbox with required tools and accessories.



Product Code

EDW-15 DuctWasher – Electric Duct Washing Machine (15m reel)


EDW-15S DuctWasher – Electric Duct Washing Machine (15m reel & stainless steel frame)


  Accessories for EDW15:

 Wireless remote control of EDW (water and chemical solution start/stop)


  Brush sets for EDW/CS:

 C-Brush set (5pcs) Ø100-Ø315mm, Hard


 C-Brush set (5pcs) Ø100-Ø315mm, Extra Hard


 EDW/CS Centering brush set (3pcs) for Ø250-Ø500mm ducts


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