• BT450 is a professional carpet cleaner, ideal for medium and large surfaces, equipped with a high efficiency 670W vacuum motor.

    Thanks to the powerful rotating brush, BT450 effectively cleans carpets and rugs by completely removing dust, right down to the base of the fibers.

    BT350 is equipped with POLY-V belt which allows a more effective power transmission. In addition, the electronic control of the brush continuously checks the cleaning efficiency and ensures total protection from any overloads.

    The machine is equipped with a multi-level filtration system and a blowable and washable sponge filter.

    It is also possible to add a HEPA H13 filter , with excellent filtering performance ( 99.97% @ 0.3 micron ) and extremely easy to use and replace.

    The ergonomic and professional handle makes the BT450 extremely handy.

Main Applications

  • Cleaning companies, hotels, offices, banks, shops, rental centers, private homes, carpet and carpet shops, ferries, ships, places of worship, mosques.



  • The low profile and the ability to operate even when the handle is completely resting on the floor allows the BT350 and BT450 carpet cleaners to clean even under furniture.
  • Edge designed to allow you to clean the carpet in depth even along the skirting boards.
  • High efficiency of the suction motor. It allows you to obtain maximum suction power with low electricity consumption and minimum noise.
  • Powerful rotating brush motor. It allows you to clean even very dirty carpets quickly and effectively.
  • Poly-V belt , to exploit the maximum power delivered by the engine.
  • Electronic control of the brush, to avoid problems caused by possible overloads.
  • Manual adjustment of the 4-position roller, which allows to provide the best results on carpet with fibers of any height
  • The easy-to-read LED system ensures that the brush settings are always correct.
  • There is no need to replace the complete roller when the bristles are worn out, reducing maintenance costs.
  • Rotating brush bristles easily replaceable by the user, without the need for the intervention of a specialized technician.
  • Blowable and washable filter, easy to maintain.
  • Possibility to use the machine with an optional HEPA H13 filter , to ensure the highest quality of the output air.
  • The extendable hose and the supplied dust accessories allow for quick and easy cleaning even of hard-to-reach areas.
  • It is also possible to reach walls and ceilings thanks to the aluminum extension supplied with the machine.
  • The ” quick cable change ” system allows for easier cable replacement, facilitating machine maintenance for cleaning companies and repairers.

Technical features

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