Charis-DUAL Professional SET

Charis-DUAL Professional SET
  • The Charis-DUAL PROFESSIONAL SET is obtained by adding to the Charis-DUAL model a series of special optional devices, which improve performance and ensure: exceptional cleaning results, speed and ease of use, extremely reduced drying time and a long time before the carpet becomes dirty again after cleaning. Even heavily soiled carpets are cleaned in a single pass and can be dried in an hour. All cleaning factors are combined in an optimal way: chemical action, temperature, mechanical brushing action, suction, time.

    The Charis-DUAL Professional SET includes:

    • Camera body
    • H10-RAGNOL50-T tube
    • NS300-M shoe
    • NS10PN-M clear plastic hand nozzle, for cleaning padded fabrics and hard-to-reach places
    • The HT1800 instant heater
    • SMARTKIT-CH complete with PRESPRAY-MX, to perform automatic detergent dosage, pre-spray and carpet rinsing.

    It is possible to compose a Professional SET by choosing different accessories. Go to the machine sheet and individually order the machine and special devices you prefer.

Main Applications

  • Cleaning companies, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants, clubs, bars, offices, banks, shops, cinemas, theaters, ferries, ships, airports, gyms, schools, universities, shopping centers, places of worship and all places with medium or large carpeted areas.


  • The mechanical brushing action allows to obtain an excellent cleaning result, completely removing the dirt from the base of the carpet fibers. Residual dirt on the carpet fiber base will not re-emerge on the surface a few days after washing.
  • Even a heavily soiled carpet can be completely cleaned in one pass , reducing the cleaning time.
  • As the carpet can be cleaned in one step, the amount of solution sprayed on the carpet is not excessive and can be completely recovered by the high-vacuum system. As a result, the carpet can be completely dry in an hour !
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