• Nikita is a “step-on” carpet cleaning machine. It is ideal for very large areas of carpet and it is able to clean up to 1000 square metres of carpet in 1 hour. In a single pass, a 70cm strip of carpet is sprayed with a concentrated chemical solution, brushed with two counter-rotating brushes, rinsed and vacuumed. 

    With 2 three stages high-waterlift vacuum motors, Nikita can leave the carpet almost completely dry after the cleaning process. It is possible to perform a maintenance low-moisture cleaning or a restorative deep-cleaning. The pressure of the brushes and of the vacuum head is adjustable according to the carpet type.

    Turning a lever and using a specific chemical, Nikita can be used to clean the carpet with the 𠇎ncapsulation” cleaning system.


    Moreover with the optional squeegee SQ900N, Nikita can be transformed into a powerful step-on scrubber drier.

    The machine is equipped with a differential drive motor that gives it excellent manoeuvrability in any place.


Main Applications

  • Cleaning companies, hotels, conference halls, offices, banks, cinemas, theatres, airports, schools, universities, shopping centres, places of worship, mosques and all places with large surfaces of carpet.



    1. It is possible to clean up to 1000 sq meters in one hour. The cost for cleaning each square meter is dramatically reduced. It is finally possible to clean thousands square meters in short time, with no effort. Which was just a dream in the past.
    2. Very light to operate even on thick carpet and on slopes thanks to the driving motor with adjustable speed.
    3. The special battery pack supplied with the machine, working with Spiralcell technology, allows: long autonomy, higher number of battery cycles, more flexibility with partial or complete discharges, longer auto-discharge time.
    4. The special batteries and the 50A charger supplied with the machine allow very fast recharging (about 4 hours for a machine whose batteries are completely empty).
    5. Prespray, brushing and rinsing are performed in a single pass. Thanks to the complete cleaning cycle, carpet is left completely clean and without sticky chemical residuals. Therefore it will re-soil much more slowly compared to other cleaning systems.
    6. Integrated SMARTKIT system allows correct chemical dosing in each situation.
    7. Possibility to perform a maintenance cleaning with Encapsulation cleaning system, by simply turning a lever.
    8. Possibility to clean both carpet and hard floor with a single machine by using the optional squeegee SQ900N. The squeegee is connected to the machine thanks to a quick disconnect coupling and does not require to use any tool.
    9. The tanks, with 70 litres each, allow a long working autonomy and reduce the idle time necessary for the tank filling and draining.
    10. The 3 stages high waterlift vacuum system allows an excellent suction and therefore deep dirt removal and very short drying time.
    11. The special profile of the vacuum heads allows an excellent suction.
    12. The sprung vacuum heads allow the best suction also in case of uneven floor.
    13. It is possible to regulate the pressure of the vacuum heads according to the carpet thickness.
    14. Possibility to adjust the height of the rotating brush according to the kind of carpet or floor and also according to the degree of dirt.
    15. Possibility to connect the machine with optional tools for cleaning hard-to-reach corners.

Other Technical Advantages

      1. High density polyethylene tanks, very strong and made for lasting a long time.
      2. Transparent unbreakable cover, which allows to see the dirty water while it is sucked.
      3. Easy to reach hole for filling the tank with clean water.
      4. Drain hose for easily emptying the recovery tank.
      5. Vacuum motor with thermal protection against overload.
      6. The motors of the rotating brushes are powerful and reliable and allow a very deep cleaning.
      7. Brush motor with thermal protection against overload (useful in case of a wrong regulation of the brush height).
      8. Vacuum motor treated against rust.
      9. Both motor and pump can work continuously.
      10. Quick disconnect spray nozzles, which can be removed without using any tool. The whole spray-bar can be removed from the machine for an easy and comfortable cleaning of the spray nozzles.
      11. Stainless steel brush bearings for a longer life.
      12. Modular design that makes the maintenance easier. The maintenance of the machine can be done at low costs.

Technical Features

NIKITA technical features
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