Santoemma SW15-FOAM
  • SW15-FOAM is the ideal machine for cleaning with quick drying of padded fabrics. This machine sprays a special dense foam on the fabric to be washed, which after a few seconds is sucked up, recovering the dirt.

    Unlike a normal solution of water and detergent, the foam does not penetrate deeply, but acts on the surface, right where the dirt settles. This therefore allows an excellent result in terms of drying time as well as washing effectiveness.

    The new high-vacuum technology further improves the cleaning result and shortens the drying time. The degree of humidity of the foam is adjustable.

    In addition, all Santoemma models operating with the dense foam extraction system can be equipped with an optional manual accessory, which allows you to spray a sanitizing product, in order to completely sanitize the passenger compartment after cleaning the interior.

Main Applications

  • Cleaning the seats of trains, ships, airplanes, cinemas, theaters, buses, car interiors. It is also recommended for armchairs and sofas in those places where quick drying is required, such as hotels and airports.


  • The seats are dry in a very quick time: about 20 minutes.
  • By cleaning the driver’s seat first, it will be completely dry when the cleaning of the car is finished. The driver can then use the car immediately after washing.
  • The very short drying time allows the car interior to be washed even in those cases in which the car owner would not be willing to wait the necessary time after the injection-extraction wash.
  • SW15 FOAM makes it possible to wash car interiors more frequently.
  • The foam cleaning system allows you to clean the seats in a short time.

Other Technical Advantages

  • Very robust high density polyethylene tanks, for a longer life of the machine over the years.
  • Shatterproof transparent lid, which allows you to see the dirt as it is vacuumed.
  • Recovery tank with integrated handle, easily detachable from the machine body, to facilitate the drainage of the dirty water and the cleaning of the tank.
  • Vacuum motor filter easily accessible and removable for cleaning.
  • Seals not glued, replaceable by hand. Their cleaning and replacement is simplified.
  • Sturdy, non-marking rubber wheels.
  • Quick couplings in brass, reliable and resistant.
  • Spray pump with by-pass, which allows to obtain an automatic adjustment of the optimal spray flow, according to the accessory used. The by-pass also makes the pump more reliable and less prone to problems over time.
  • Pump built to Santoemma specifications, for an extended lifespan.
  • Suction motor with thermal overload protection.
  • Suction motor with anti-rust treatment.
  • Both pump and motor can operate continuously.
  • Modular design designed to facilitate maintenance of the machine, which can be performed at low costs.

Technical feautures

SW-15 FOAM technical features
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