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Pressovac Ltd. have a long experience in the development and production of Air Duct Cleaning Equipment. Our products have been designed and produced to meet and exceed the needs of ventilation system’s maintenance. These include demanding system and requirement such as those found in hospitals, restaurants and industrial buildings.

Pressovac cleaning equipments are famous for its high quality, practicality and robust structure. Quality is one of the key -principles in our company. Nevertheless, we continue to develop our products and improve our services in order to fulfill and surpass our customer’s highest expectation.

Mechanical brushing is the most effective cleaning method

A sick building puts its occupants at health risk. Pollutants accumulated inside the ventilation system, will greatly reduce the indoor air quality. If the pollutants are left in the air ventilation system, the building occupants will eventually develop allergies and asthmatic reactions, and in severe cases chronic respiratory diseases. In order to improve the air quality and minimize the health risk of building occupants, the removal of pollutants inside the AHU system and duct works should be a major aspect in the maintenance of the building.

Numerous studies have proven that brushing is the most efficient method in the removal of pollutants and other contaminants in the ducting system. PRESSOVAC Air Duct Cleaning products and equipment provide you with all the necessary tools to maintain your building’s ventilation ducts clean and hygienic, and provide the building occupants with greater comfort.


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